Purity ring app
Purity ring app

The purity Pledge is a commitment that millions of young people have taken around the world as a statement of their intent to remain pure until such time as they marry. This commitment s often displayed by wearing a symbol of their pledge in the form of a purity ring.

The Purity ring App is a new way of both displaying this incredible commitment but also a way of engaging and helping a new generation. The app is simple to use and will be a lasting digital reminder to all those that take the pledge. The app will simply ask you to take the vow, the user will then hear the purity pledge being read out and once the user has confirmed their acceptance, they will receive a timeless digital spinning purity ring to proudly display on their IPhone or IPod touch.

  • Offers Male and Female pledges
  • Timeless infinity purity ring
  • Option to spread the Word


We see this app as an opportunity to engage a new generation of people by utilizing the very altest technology and therefore we would ask that you forward this app information to anyone that has taken the pledge or is considering doing so.

Please note: the developers of the purity ring app compliments existing purity pledges and is not seeking to replace traditional ceremony and rings.


Available to the ITunes app store or direct on the IPhone App Store.

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